Dream the Economy, uma Exposição de Arte Coportuguesa


O Economista Português reproduz o convite dos organizadores da exposição que amanhã é inaugurada:

We warmly invite you to the opening of the exhibition Dream Economics, at ILECTIK Art Lab, the following 7th of July, at 6 PM. 
Dream economics is an experimental art project that investigates artists economic lives and dreams, and it traces possible alternatives. The project explores the interconnection between dreams, novel economic models that are broadly entitled “new economics” and the relational self.
New Economics, is a broad term that assembles together various emergent postcapitalist economic practices (sharing economy, gift economy, the commons and others) that have at their core a specific set of values such as collaboration, sharing, intuition, and ecological consciousness that break with the rational approach to economics.
One key element fostering the new economics movement is an evolution on our conception of the “self” resulting from a shift in consciousness. This conception of “self” challenges the  idea of separate “self”, what Alan Watts called the  “skin encapsulated ego” and embraces the notion of interbeing. “Interbeing” (introduced by Thich Nhat Hanh) recognizes the interdependence of any one person or thing to all other people.


Artists – Ines Amado, Jill Rock, Maria Lusitano, Niamh Murray, Rui Mourão

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